LUMUS light games

An obsession with smartphones, iPads and 'screen time’ is greatly harming our children!


LUMUS easel is a multifunctional educational tool blooming out like the lotus blossom.

Lumus light table

Playful, exceptional, and smart design. Manufactured in a way that the legs of the same table depending on the angle of its location would look to be of bluish or greenish colour.

Lumus light box

Safe rounded corners, 4 mm tampered glass (for safety). The surface of the worktop with rim prevents the fall of materials used (e.g., pencils will not roll away).

LUMUS Sand & water tray

Use LUMUS sand & water tray together with LUMUS light tables. It further awakens the imagination, opens the doors to the magical fairy tale of sand and water.

LUMUS Fantazy Puzzle

Learning and creating while playing!

Screen FLORA



Intuitive game - works without rules!

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”. (Leonardo Davinči)

KIddycreativo ABC & 123

Learning by playing!



What could be nicer than a child's drawing?